DBC endeavors to make sure all non-profits can benefit from great design, at an affordable cost

To be honest, we don't love the term "not-for-profit". There's an automatic assumption made, because we often equate "profit" with "value". At DBC, we often use the term "for-purpose". An organization serving a purpose needs to be branded just as well, if not better than an organization aiming for profit. We able to use what we learn in the for-profit world to benefit charities and educational institutions alike.  We still aim to maximize the five key metrics Visibility, Distinctiveness, Transparency, Authenticity, and Consistency. 

For-purpose organizations can use a brand identity that is caring, expressive and clear to its donors and beneficiaries that its mission is just. DBC designs everything from street banners, to gala invitations, to annual reports. We work with most budgets, and we strive to change the way society understands cause related design.

Our design work with for-purpose organizations

Our non-profit clients include