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American Express Case Study 1 of 4 now available.

DBC has worked on an email transformation project with American Express since 2017. We’re releasing four case studies on the impact we made over the last 7,000 plus communications we’ve touched from the U.S. and Abroad.

Case Study 1: We successfully pilot the project over 12 weeks, reducing call volume and increasing digital self servicing.

Case Study 2: We implement American Express’ new global brand to its servicing emails.

Case Study 3: We impact the disputes journey with best practices to streamline the timeline.

Case Study 4: We measure our overall impact on the project, from customer satisfaction, cost savings and open rates.

Get Case Study 1, and we’ll be sure to send you the subsequent Case Studies when available!

American Express Email Transformation Case Study

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Wyoming’s Rawlins Municipal Airport Launches New Brand and Website

Working with DOWL, DBC developed a new website for the airport, as they enter the next phase of their airport expansion.

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