Our Top 5 Favorite Ads of 2015

We're counting down our favorite things from the past year. Follow along over the next few days!

5. Comcast Xfinity "Emily's Oz"


Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, New York
Director: Andreas Nilsson, Biscuit Filmworks

This beautifully done ad takes you into the imagination of Emily, a 7-year- old blind girl, and shows you her version of The Wizard of Oz. 

4. Budweiser "Lost Dog"

Agency: Anomaly
Director: Jake Scott

This touching sequel of Budweiser's original "Puppy Love" commercial aired this year during the Super Bowl.

3. Extra Gum "The Story of Sarah & Juan"


Agency: Energy BBDO
Director: Pete Riski, Rattling Stick

This ad tells the story of Sarah and Juan and their relationship journey that started when they were just kids and progressed into a lifelong partnership. 

2. Android  "Furever Friends"

Agency: Droga5

The most shared ad of all time preaches to “Be together. Not the same”.

1. Women’s Aid “Look at me”

Agency: WCRS, London, UK

This interactive digital out of home ad encourages people to take action against domestic violence. 

Bonus. Purina “Puppyhood” 

Agency: Buzzfeed

This integrated advertising campaign is based around a 3.5 minute video that tells the story of a man and his new puppy.

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