Taking the leap

I believe in DBC. I believe we can change the way designers create results for clients  

I just had a full time job. The fear of failure kept me from changing that. Until today.

Today was my last day Bain & Company. It's not easy to leave behind the security, the money and the health insurance. The upside however, is going to be so much higher. Designed by Carlos is going to be my Bain, and then more. 

There are a lot of moving pieces when you quit your job for something that used to be your side hustle. Here's was list of things that I had to deal with (and for the most part am still dealing with.

  1. Timing
  2. Rolling over my 401K into an IRA
  3. Cleaning out my desk
  4. Saying "see ya soon" to my friends/colleagues  
  5. Planning a new schedule
  6. Budgeting 
  7. Health Insurance
  8. Exit interviews 

This list is still evolving. It's nerve racking for 50 minutes of every hour. But it's exciting all 60 minutes. 

I've been asked (a lot) why I'm leaving Bain. It's a great company and wonderfully supportive place to work. I grew really comfortable in the Grace Building, to a fault. I mean: Look at this view...

I'm leaving because I cannot call myself an entrepreneur if I have the security of a full time job. Watch this video by Gary Vaynerchuk.


I'm also confident that with more time in week, we can develop more clients and finish projects more quickly. I'm proud of my team for prospering with an absentee Creative Director to this point, but if I demand that my team gives everything to their roles, I need to do the same.

So what's next?

For the rest of 2015, Kori and I are going to be focusing further building our internal culture, our reputation and processes. We're going to continuing working with the clients we have, and we're working to form partnerships with a couple other startups that are synergistic.

Myself, I'll be trying to build relationships in a few new industries. 

  • Big Data
  • Large Scale Events
  • Private Equity

And in January 2016, DBC will have a home, that's not my apartment or FIKA on W41st street. 

Our future office at 10 E39th Street

Our future office at 10 E39th Street

So, to our supporters (family, friends, clients, advisors) I say: THANK YOU for everything you've done since Designed by Carlos launched in 2013.  

To everyone at Bain New York: You are in such a great place, and I will miss you every day!

To everyone reading, I hope you stay tuned! We'll definitely be keeping you updated!