Every Logo Should Have Meaning:


The yellow arches. The rainbow peacock. The white, bold “f” against a blue background. These are all images we can place immediately with their brands. DBC is always striving to create art and logos that can be easily associated with our clients. Here are some of the stories behind the most famous logos of all time that almost anyone would recognize:

1. Coca-Cola

One of America’s oldest and most popular beverages, Coke has been around since the late 1800s. Created by John S. Pemberton, the logo was designed based on Pemberton’s own cursive handwriting. Frank Mason Robinson, who was in charge of marketing for Coca-Cola, created the logo we all know so well in 1885. He was so important to the success of the drink that he became one of the company’s directors. This just goes to show, a great logo doesn’t need to be anything fancier than having great penmanship!

2. Apple

A leader in technology, you can hardly go a few steps without seeing an Apple product. From the innovative iPhone to the sleek iMac, the simple logo of an apple with a bite taken from the right side has become a symbol of the company’s huge achievements. The name and logo both represent the apple that fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head, leading him to come up with his theory of gravity. Another rumor about the apple’s significance is it may be a nod to the father of Computer Science, Alan Turing, who committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple. Now that’s something to ponder while playing Candy Crush!

3. The Walt Disney Company

Disney. The name brings up feelings of whimsy and childlike excitement. As one of the most prolific and most-loved creators of entertainment in our lifetimes, The Walt Disney Company has the legendary logo to match. It has a simple design—a castle with Walt Disney’s signature underneath. It’s the signature that has inspired its own font, and perfectly reflects the fun and unique nature of the Disney universe. It’s the logo of our childhoods!

4. McDonald’s

With “over 99 billion served,” McDonald’s is arguably America’s most popular fast food restaurant. Its logo? Perhaps the most recognizable logo in the world. It’s the only logo on this list whose company is often referred to by its logo, the “golden arches.” The arches were designed by Jim Schindler in 1962, and are meant to reflect the architecture of the original McDonald’s hamburger stand. Originally, the “M” was a “V” shape,   which was the shape of the restaurant’s roof, but Schindler extended the lines down to represent both the architecture and the restaurant’s name. Today, whether you’re in South Africa, Fiji, or Uruguay, those golden arches give the American traveler a tasty reminder of home!

5. I Love NY

DBC is a New York City based studio through and through, and one of the most famous logos seen on its streets is the I Love NY logo.  Milton Glaser, one of the most well-known American graphic designers, created the logo for a tourism campaign for the city and state in 1977. It since has been replicated for different cities all around the world, and many parodies have also been created.  Bold and clear, just like the New York sensibility, we heart the I Love NY logo!