It's that time of the year: Dressing up the Streets of Brooklyn

This time of the year many people are busy bringing nature inside their homes and light outside their homes. In parallel, the beautification of the streets is yet another way we try to fight the influence of the cold weather with aesthetic warmth. To match the festive tone prevalent throughout the city, DBC joined with The Kings Highway Beautification Association (KHBA) to bring some seasonal cheer to Brooklyn. 

KHBA is a non-profit civic organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on the Kings Highway, Avenue U, and Avenue P corridors, between Ocean Parkway and McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Their mission brought us together to create banners that reflect the season while still retaining and promoting their brand identity. 

The banners have a simple yet engaging design to offset KHBA's logo and slogan, with space available on the bottom for sponsor logos. Each feature of the banner was designed with KHBA's aims in mind. The colors match the excitement and tone of the season while sticking to the KHBA brand. The overarching banner design works within KHBA's larger outreach strategy to increase the impressions of the brand. Using these banners, KHBA can effectively engage the local and visiting communities. Look out for them the next time you're in Brooklyn!

Each feature of the banner was designed with KHBA's aims in mind