We Meme Business

The world of professional graphic design can be intense, stressful, and full of pressure to meet a deadline. Sometimes, you've gotta sit back, relax, and remember your passion. And it doesn't hurt to laugh, either. Here are some graphic design memes to take the edge off on those rough days.

From Tumblr user nintendette, this meme expresses the inner turmoil of our souls. And is so stupidly silly it can't help but make us chuckle.


In graphic design, kerning is really important. As our creative director Carlos would say, "Kerning is what separates your word doc logo from my professional one." For the layman: kerning is a typography term that refers to the spacing in between characters in a text or font. This meme, from David Friedman at ironicsans.com, is one of those things that's funny because it's true.


Even for the most seasoned designers, It's super hard to tell Arial and Helvetica apart. With that information, we hope you find this meme as LOL-worthy as we do.



A romantic meme for your softer side... 


Our list would not be complete without making fun of the bane of all graphic design, Comic Sans. The world would just be a better place SANS this font. Find this meme at imgflip.


Are there any awesome graphic design memes you've seen? Share them with us in the comments!