6 ways to up your sales game in 2018

It's that time of year again when there's a hike in neglected New Year's Resolutions. If your resolution is to increase revenue for your business, don't toss it aside just yet!  Follow these 6 tips and you'll be facing exponential growth in no time.

Have a clear image of your target audience.

Selling to anyone and everyone is not the best sales strategy. You can gain tremendous value by narrowing down your target audience, as they'll be the ones who will most likely use your services or products. Once you know who your target market is, do your research on them and develop a clear one-sheet about who they are. This will help you throughout your sales process.

Network, network, network!

The best way to attract more business is to educate the people around you about what you do. The more people you have in your corner, the more likely you are to be referred to your target clients.

Leverage social media.

Launching marketing campaigns on social media is an insightful way to gain intelligence about who is interested in your services, and their buying behavior. Create content that requires your audience to perform an action, such as download a guide, therefore you can use targeted ads and track conversions.


With the world working more rapidly now, you may be tempted to automate your sales efforts, or send out emails in bulk. However, let's not forget the art of personalization. Mention an article they wrote, or find a common group you both are part of. People are more likely to become clients when they can see a personal connection to you.

Identify a pain point.

When speaking to a potential client, they need to see the value that you can bring to them. Ask questions, listen actively, and identify a pain point in their business that can be solved using your service. Don't be too pushy though!

Consistent follow ups.

A lack of response from your prospective client isn't a good enough reason to stop reaching out to them. Follow up with them and frame your followups differently, as they could respond to a different approach. Sometimes, it takes 7-9 follow ups before the process can move forward, so don't be discouraged!

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