Present Your Best Brand

A presentation is a vehicle to sell your brand. It's a an interactive, audio-visual experience that must reflect your brand's values, as well as the intended message. TAMID Group knew the importance that their numerous presentations carried, and wanted our help in creating a brand-specific template for all possible future presentations. 


The TAMID Group is a student-led initiative. It is an educational program that mentors students at top universities while connecting them with the Israeli business community. They achieve this through a comprehensive curriculum, a student-managed investment fund, a consulting practice, and a summer fellowship in Tel Aviv that sends interns to Israeli startups. 


They approached dbc for a presentation template and seventy-five template slides that could be used for all company meetings, presentations and internal work. We used the company colors throughout all slides and created text, image, icon, graph and infographic templates that could be used and altered by TAMID to suit their data and info as required.


TAMID's needs were fulfilled; they got a large stock of professional and brand-aligned presentation slides perfect for numerous applications. Great feedback isn't rare, but we found TAMID's feedback especially noteworthy. 

This is freaking incredible. I was particularly impressed by how many different text slides you have – exactly what we needed.
— National Director Of Consulting

TAMID was especially happy with the great variety of slides dbc provided and how easy they were to use and adapt to their own information. 

we can help

An aligned brand is a successful brand. Presentations, whether they're financial, sales, or internal, should always emphasize the brand strategy you have in place. They should impress the viewer and reaffirm the gravitas of the speaker. We know that there is only so much time in the day and the information, not the visual design, gets the most focus from the speaker. That's why we offer our focus to exciting companies like TAMID, we want everyone to feel confident that their brand is always looking its best.