Happy Birthday, Carlos!

It's Carlos's Birthday

Birthdays are a time for reflection and appreciation, so the team at DBC decided to reflect on how much we appreciate our founder, Carlos. Here are our 10 favorite things about the #boss of the moment:


1. He takes chances

He left his well-paying job to venture out on his own, not knowing whether DBC would work or not. After two years, his company is growing and finding success!

2. He's a great teacher

Carlos has helped every member of the team hone our crafts, giving us great direction and mentorship.

3. He's dedicated

He's constantly working to better himself, his employees, and his business--so much that we sometimes wish he would take a break! 

4. He cares about his team

To Carlos, the people he's hired aren't below him--we're all equals. He genuinely cares about our well-being and happiness. 

5. He doesn't take himself too seriously

Even though he's a small-business owner, it hasn't changed his demeanor. He'll still goof around and watch dumb internet videos with us.

6. He's open-minded

A lot of men might not be comfortable working with three women, but Carlos is! Our team is made up of very different people, and Carlos embraces us, quirks and all.

7. He's patient

We don't always do things right the first time (gasp!), but Carlos stays even-tempered, and patiently helps us get back on track. 

8. He's trusting

He has always had the utmost confidence in the ability of his team, even if something about us was risky--Kori didn't have a graphic design background, Rachel had never worked in the business world before, and Moyl needed a visa sponsorship. He put his trust in us, and it's paid off.

9. He's just super tall


10. He always makes work fun

Carlos is such a fun person, and makes it a priority for the work place to be enjoyable. Whether it's watching those dumb internet videos, or joking around in the office, or winding down with after-work drinks on a Friday (or Tuesday), he makes DBC feel like home. 

Happy birthday, Carlos! We can't wait to see what 29 will bring!