Why We Love Minimalism

Minimalism is a concept we center many of our designs around. Heres why:

1. Minimalism draws focus to what matters

Through minimalism we’re able to strip off any unnecessary flourishes (which often distracts from the main focus of the design) and keep the only important elements.

2. It's more memorable

Minimalism focuses on the basics of designs, such as balance and negative space, as well as typography and less color. The purpose of this is to get someone to remember a brand and to feel it.

3. It engages you

It’s hard to make your own conclusions about something when all the information (visual or otherwise) is given to you all at once. Minimalism leaves something to think about and something that you can easily connect to emotionally.

DBC works with clients we believe in, and minimalist design helps us highlight what's special about each and every one of them.

If you have any questions about minimalist design, we'd love to answer them!