a muti-layered identity for a multi-layered blog

What we’ve been up to? SquarewithCurves.com

A pink wonderland for empowered women.

What qualities will distinguish a blog from the massive congestion in the inter-web?


Some blogs have one and not the other. Some blogs have neither. Frances has an ample amount of both! She has a topic that focuses on individuality and empowerment. We didn’t set out to create just any ole blog. We wanted to help shape a culture the SWC was creating.

Currently, there are about 3 million active blog, ranging from politics to dietary needs to the ramblings of our youth. With so many blogs our main focus wasn’t to stand out or to become the most popular (yes those were important goals we set for the blog but not our focus) We wanted to create a unique and relatable experience for both Frances and her visitors. We focused on creating a template of typography size thickness and color to create visual hierarchy, because the text is the most important part of the blog, the information conveyed. With the intention to grab the reader's attention then keep you reading, whether that be with a change in font or an addition of an image. If your blog doesn’t have structure, the reader could easily get confused, or worse, bored. And most won't stay to figure it out or see if it gets better. We are a culture of short attention spans with the mindset that there is always something better just a click away. All-in-all, no structure is blog suicide.

We decided on a highly visual image heavy design. The sidebar creates easy navigation while the images keep you scrolling down the page.



This was fun. We played around with different body types and landed on hourglass to create a nice soft outline to represent diverse body types coming together as one offset within a square.