A Fast Break for the Women's National Basketball Players Association

The Women's National Basketball Player's Association (WNBPA) reached out to DBC, in need of an assist. The WNBA Draft for the 2017 Season was fast approaching and they needed to create an eye-catching and easy-to-read brochure.

When new players are drafted, they're often stepping into a role they potentially know little about. The WNBPA wanted to provide them with a brochure to effectively convey the most crucial information about the Player's Association. 

The WNBPA is a vital tool for all of the WNBA players. It is committed to protecting the rights of players as well as advancing and safeguarding their economic and social welfare, both on and off the court. In order to achieve these goals, the WNBPA offers a range of services and support mechanisms to its members. DBC's goal was to highlight these benefits in a form that encouraged players to read and find out more. 

The Draft was approaching and DBC needed to make a rapid turnaround. We set to work and were able to plan, design and get the brochure printed in just under a week. We used our trusted printer to produce a matte finished, black and white, four-paneled roll folding brochure.

The end result was a slam dunk. We made the deadline and the WNBPA was happy. Adding to the feeling of a job well done was the knowledge that our work would help an organization supporting female athletes.