Gaining More Leads Through Your Brand’s Core Values

A brand’s core values define everything a company stands for, how it operates, and how it communicates with the public. Highlighting these values can attract new clientele due to shared beliefs, and the consumer’s admiration for how a company has like-minded ideals.

So what is the best way to highlight core values?

Just be

Not only can a company promote its values externally, but also embody them on a subconscious level. All a company really needs to do is live and breathe its core values. If everyone in the company from top to bottom truly understands the values, the effect will spill over into everything that they do … and ultimately onto a company’s consumer base.

But if a company wants to stand for something, it needs to be that something. If it values authenticity, it needs to be completely open with all of its consumers. If it values speed, it needs to embody speed in every aspect of the company. If it values communication, it should always be engaging, both within the company and externally.

Core values need to live in every facet of company life, from its channels, its employees, its leaders, to all of its consumer touchpoints.

Tip: Think about how you can train your employees to live by your brand values.

Stand up!

In terms of attracting new leads, the most powerful values a company can have are ones that touch on existing needs in the marketplace, and/or embody cultural talking points. Trying to adopt these is smart, but it doesn’t mean adding values just for the sake of adding them, it means trying to align them with what a company currently stands for. Consistently embodying these values in your marketing efforts will keep your brand top of mind.

The most successful companies stand up for something significant. Consumers buy into, and follow, brands because they believe those brands stand for something that is meaningful to them on a personal and emotional level.

Equality, for example, is and always has been a major touching point for most people. This is an obvious value a company should strongly adhere to, or adopt in some fashion, in everything that they do. Standing up for equality will raise company morale and spill outward onto consumers in a positive way.

Tip: Think about what values you can adopt, and devise a plan to embody these values internally and externally.

The consumer is always right

Bettering core values, or aligning them with what consumers value most, takes dedication, planning, and tact. If a company doesn’t adhere to their own values, consumers will find out and act accordingly. Their input tells a company if they believe in what the company is trying to say.

A brand’s core values shape everything from its culture, to its interaction with the community. Core values should affect company operations and have an effect on the consumer base. Up to 87 percent of consumers believe that a company should place equal weight on societal issues and business issues. It’s up to a company to figure out how and what to adopt.

In other words, be the best company you can be.

Need some help figuring out what your core values are?