raising awareness about brooklyn's beautifiers

The Kings Highway Beautification Association (or KHBA) is a non-profit civic organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on the Kings Highway, Avenue U, and Avenue P corridors, between Ocean Parkway and McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. This spring they contacted us about designing banners that line the avenues with a spring/summer theme. While we wanted to make attractive-looking banners, we primarily wanted to raise awareness about KHBA within the community that benefits from their hard work.

DBC is always up to the challenge of making its mark on New York City, so we jumped into brainstorming visual concepts. We got to work on ways to make the banners bright and to liven up the streets with fun seasonal graphics that celebrate the community and showcase KHBA's presence.

After creating seasonal mood boards for inspiration, we designed photographic banners that showcased the beautiful flowers and vibrant colors of spring and summer. We also added sponsors' logos to the bottom of each banner to represent those who supported their community. At the top of each banner, we highlighted KHBA's logo, adding their web address so people in the neighborhood can learn more about what the organization does and read of ways to get involved.

KHBA was very pleased with the results and the banners were a big success within the neighborhoods, helping to spread the word about KHBA. Now when people see the KHBA brand around their community, they'll recognize them as an organization that cares about improving their quality of life and creates opportunities to make things cleaner, brighter, and better.

As much as we don't want to see summer end, we look forward to designing the upcoming fall/winter themed banners as well! 

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