Resistance is Beautiful

Signs are a powerful way to communicate an emotion. Used throughout history, from Women's Suffrage to the Civil Rights Movement, political signs are an important part of Americana. In the past 3 months, signs have become a powerful way of communicating the message of the resistance. A new generation of sign makers have taken up posterboard and wood, and taken to the streets.

Some criticize the millennial obsession with digital imagery. They suggest we are unable to separate our gaze from our screens long enough to do anything meaningful. The Women's March demonstrations all over the world showed that this tendency is not a sign of our downfall, but of our strength of expression.

Within the diverse crowds of women, men, children, parents, grandmothers, politicians, celebrities, students, immigrants, coworkers, and friends alike, there was a cohesion of energy. I went because I was angry, but I left feeling satiated by the collective mentality of resistance . 

The emotive signs, from pointedly antagonistic to imperatively mundane ("Women's rights are human rights"), implored watchers-on to recognize the efficacy of our concerns. Although some in our government dismissed the effectiveness of the marches, the global community took notice. The march showed the world that American democracy is not synonymous with populism or supportive of the archaic and isolationist views of the current administration. 

We decided to document some of the most effective imagery we saw. Take notice, because we will continue to have a need for protest art in the next 4 years. 


Some of the best signs we saw utilized minimalism in both their design and message. 


Many protestors used humor to express their distain for the farce that is our current reality. 

Inspiring Design and Impeccable Execution 

These attention grabbing and colorful designs paired well with a strong message. 


Combover puns; there would be hell toupee if i didn't include them all.  

Pride in Our Democracy 

Prominent themes included celebration of our right to protest and pride in our country as a shelter for those seeking a better life. 

Shock Value

Many times the images that stand out the most are also the most shocking. 

Missteps in Implementation 

Some of the best signs could have used a designer's eye for their implementation. 

Personal Favorites

There's nothing better than Beyonce next to a gold uterus flipping off the patriarchy. 

We hope you enjoyed reminiscing as much as we did. If you didn't get to experience a march yourself, we're sure there will be more to come.