Empowering Run the World Digital

Run The World Digital is a fundraising and strategy firm that works with progressive candidates across the nation. They came to DBC in need of a new logo to modernize their renamed brand.

Run the World Digital - Logo Redesign.jpg

We designed a bold mark to reflect the founder's vibrant personality, and the company's powerful vision.

The logo takes on the form of a play icon that symbolizes forward movement and progressive thinking. The shape also contains a subtle fish icon that represents the feminine spirit and pushing boundaries, as the company seeks to empower female candidates.

The geometric pattern calls to mind digital art and stained glass, referencing the company's digital nature, and its mission to shatter glass ceilings and overcome any obstacle.

Run the World - Biz Cards MockUp.png

The logo can be applied as a pattern for various branded elements, such as business cards or stationery, producing a cohesive visual identity. It can also be simplified and scaled down to a web icon, allowing for greater flexibility in brand application. 

Run the World Digital - Logo Versions.jpg

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