Illustrating the path to new employment

Streetwise Partners helps people in a creative and unique way; they asked us for an equally inspiring brand message

Many people subscribe to the social theory that teaching a man to fish is more valuable than giving the man a free meal. StreetWise Partners is a non-profit organization that puts that idea into practice. The organization helps low income individuals overcome barriers to employment through training, mentorship and education.

The non-profit provides a three month career mentoring program that exposes participants to diverse occupational and educational opportunities. In addition, they conduct mock interviews and provide printing supplies. With this help 60% of Streetwise graduates obtain employment and 30% pursue a college education or additional training.

60% of Streetwise graduates obtain employment

The ask

Streetwise asked DBC to design a mailing campaign that would increase brand awareness and therefore spark larger and more consistent donations. DBC's goal was to create marketing collateral that would enable Streetwise to remain top of mind for all recipients.

DBC focused on highlighting Streetwise's direct impact on the lives of people. We believed that donors would feel this impact best through a printed infographic. 

Never underestimate the power of hard data in branding and marketing materials. Especially in the non-profit space, clients want financial transparency. They also want to see that their money is being used to create a strong and positive change. An clear infographic was the best choice to accomplish these brand goals. 

A measured approach for a great result

A great design doesn't have to be expensive. We analyzed Streetwise's donation levels and developed a print strategy that would put them revenue neutral with only a few donations at the lowest levels. Streetwise is doing amazing things and we were excited to have been a part of it.