when agriculture meets data visualization

planting the seeds

Data visualization is powerful, especially in an industry that deals with complex weather patterns, unforeseeable natural disasters, government regulations, and commodities markets. All of these numbers can be overwhelming, which is why a company called Agrylist has stepped in to try and make some sense of all the available data.

Agrylist is  is a a group of growers, data scientists, designers, and engineers who believe that data can unlock higher profits for farmers. They build simple and powerful tools to accomplish this goal. To show their results in a modern format that easily fits into the social media viewership, Agrylist approached dbc. Our final product is shown below. We illustrated 40 charts for their new survey report, to be published on their website, in print and on social media.

cultivating the crop

Agrylist wanted what every company putting out a survey report wants, for people to read it. They knew that eye-catching visual aides, using infographics and icons, would best grab, and hold, the readers' attention. They also wanted the digital product to be user friendly and easy to understand. We decided on infographics using Agrylist colors, executed in a way that seamlessly fit into their brand.

producing the goods

We fulfilled our goal of creating a pleasing display of Agrylist's hard work, which was sure to increase viewer retention.The talented people at Agrylist were very happy with the results, as well as our quick turn around!   

You can find the finished report on their website - www.stateofindoorfarming.agrilyst.com