How To Use Instagram For Your Business

All social media is an opportunity to showcase elements of your brand, but Instagram provides a unique way to tell your brand's story. Its image-focused platform allows you to show (rather than tell) your followers a number of things about your brand. And showing always makes for better storytelling.

So what should you show?


What does your organization do? If you're selling a product, showcase those items in well-lit, unfiltered photos. If your company has anything to do with food, make sure the photos are bright and crisp -- there's nothing less appetizing than a grainy or washed-out food (or product) photo. If you're selling a service, show it in action. You could even post candid photos of clients who would be willing to provide a testimonial quote for the caption. Be sure to research the most-used hashtags in your industry and include those at the end of your post.

company culture

Looking to hire a new member of your team? Start posting photos from your company's happy hour, lunches, workplace events, and other celebrations. By showing your followers what your team likes to do to have fun, as well as posts that depict your office and daily working activities, you'll give prospective hires a peek into what it's like to work at your organization. Hopefully, these posts will entice future employees to apply for your next opening.


Your neighborhood can be an Instagram-worthy subject, too. Snap shots of your company outings and tag the locations. This shows that your organization is invested in, and proud of, your community. 


Your brand should already have a house writing style, but if it doesn't, Instagram is a good place to start. The captions of your posts should sound like your brand and reflect the company culture and values. When possible, make one person who is fluent in your brand's voice in charge of crafting Instagram posts. This way, your followers will come to recognize your brand's voice. Formatting is also an aspect of voice: remember to stay consistent.

Follow these simple guidelines as you develop your brand on Instagram and you'll be off to a great start. And don't forget to follow @studiodbc for more tips like these!