We took pictures... of ourselves!

It was time for us to upgrade our look. You know we have talented designers, but you may not know that Becca is an exceptional photographer!

We took some new headshots a few weeks ago. I even got into the action taking pictures of Becca!

Before you browse the gallery, here are three tips for taking your best photo (for company websites)

1. Background.

Try to have some design details, rather than an empty sky or one with an isolated element (that can be visible). The key is to have a background that will allow your head shot to pop.(Entrepreneur)

2. Posing Tricks

Body language says a lot about an individual, so getting the right pose to position you in a way that’s friendly and approachable is critical. The more relaxed you are the more natural you will look, and the more natural you look the better the picture will be. You want to avoid looking too upright and too stiff during the photo shoot. (Webmation)

3. Consider appropriate props.

If you’re shooting in studio or even on location somewhere, consider bringing in elements that will help tell your brand story visually in your photos. I made this marquee sign the night before our headshot session. It’s great because I can use the photos she took with us and the sign, as well as photos she took of the sign alone. (Urban Bliss Media)

And now, our pictures!