The Importance of a Cohesive Visual Identity

At DBC, we believe that a company's visual identity is essential to its success.

what is a company's visual identity?

We use the term "visual identity" a lot.  When we talk about a visual identity, we're defining the visual elements of an organization's brand. This includes everything from the logo and brandmark that they use, to the colors on their business cards, to the typeface on their website and sales materials. All of these elements together create a larger spirit of the company that taps into the consumer's emotional reaction to the brand. 

There are 2.1 million negative social mentions about brands in the U.S. alone, every single day.
— VB Insight

For example, there has been a strong backlash against Instagram's new logo.

There are a lot of strong feelings about Instagram's recent logo change, for example.

There are a lot of strong feelings about Instagram's recent logo change, for example.

Although Instagram's logo change occurred in May, users are still tweeting their distaste months later--a clear indicator of a strong emotional reaction amongst consumers. 

what do we consider when creating a visual identity?

DBC ensures that a company's visual identity is indicative of its core values as well as its industry. If the company is pushing the boundaries of technology, their visual identity should be innovative, forward-thinking, and modern. Using the tech example, this company could follow and implement current design trends to show consumers that they know what's relevant. 

If the organization is not for profit, the visual identity should convey reliability, knowledge, and care. Using the above example, following a design trend would be a mistake for this type of company because donors may think their money is supporting a frivolous, unreliable cause.

where can you see a company's visual identity?

The short answer is: everywhere! Every interaction with an organization's target market should be on brand. This includes the website, any print material (business cards, stationary, letterheads), promotional material, the logo, packaging, signage, and more.

some visual identities we love

what we like:

  • they use minimalist design

  • they employ strong use of color

  • they are effective in every medium

  • they generate emotion


are your company's inner strategic goals supported by its visual identity? 

DBC is uniquely able to position your visual identity to work for you. We ensure that a company's inner goals align with its outward appearance.