Creating a radiant web presence

dim lighting

Lighting Management Inc. (LMI) is a lighting distributor that delivers on time and on budget high quality products. They are known for their prompt and courteous service, as well as their exhaustive supply and impressive geographical reach. Although known throughout the business industry, their website did not reflect well the great products and services they provided. Their website felt outdated and it's functionality was incompatible with the sophistication of their products. They needed to create a strong web presence, reflecting their developing business and brand values.

well-lit businesses

The target clients for LMI's website were established businesses and business owners. People looking for state of the art lighting. People wanting to add the finishing touches to their own unique space. dbc needed to create a modern website that would cement LMI's relevance in industry and capture discerning clientele. The website needed to convey LMI's status as a leader in the lighting industry. 

the light at the end of the tunnel

dbc's vision was to create a modern aesthetic while incorporating architectural drawings and sketches to give a sense of the design process. We wanted to highlight how important lighting is in designing any business space or home.

lighting in motion

When designing the website, dbc decided to use an animated gif as the hero image for each page. Using motion was a great way to accentuate the stages of the design process, step by step. Adding the lighting last to complete and elevate the room. 

securing the fittings

Another central image we used was broken down into sections, using photography combined with architectural drawing. Once again, this represented the idea of planning and creating your ideal space from start to finish. dbc also created customized LMI icons that were used throughout the website and that fit perfectly into the LMI brand. Lastly, our decision behind the footer image was to keep the same style as the rest of the website while implying the large supply and geographic reach of LMI's lighting. 

glowing results

"It was a synergistic success from the beginning. dbc took our words and turned it into a vision that we were extremely happy with. Our website has set us apart from others in our industry."


The website got a great response from LMI. LMI's satisfaction rested on the website's ability to show potential clients what it'd be like to build and design a contemporary workspace using their products.