The 18 months we worked with American Express to transform how Card Members digest email.

Client: American Express


Email Strategy
Email Transformation
Agile Methodology (Marketing)
Guidelines Deployment
Creative Ideation
Motion Graphics
User Experience Design
Rebrand Implementation


Typical Reduction in Call Volume between 3 and 5%, and specific templates having success stories of 25-30% reduction

7000+ communications revamped and optimized to be mobile first and empower Card Members to manage their account faster through Digital Self Servicing.

Deployment of servicing email guidelines throughout the organization

Our Agile Project Team won an internal Amex award for Innovation in the organization

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Want the full story?

Request a copy of Case Study 1: We successfully pilot the project over 12 weeks, reducing call volume and increasing digital self servicing.

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Case Study 2: We implement American Express’ new global brand to its servicing emails.

Case Study 3: We impact the disputes journey with best practices to streamline the timeline.

Case Study 4: We measure our overall impact on the project, from customer satisfaction, cost savings and open rates.

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Thriving in the Agile Methodology

We were able to reduce call volume by continuously iterating on email communications.