Clients: We've had them all...

The Over-Communicator

That special someone who doesn't know the difference between checking-in and smothering. No Crystal, we didn't have time to read your 6 page email. It's only been 2 minutes since you sent it, please stop sending follow-up texts. 

The Expert

This person likely got an A in an undergrad graphic design course and will not let you forget about it. Acknowledging their stupendous ideas can be exhausting, but so can the backlash from undervaluing thier input. Step wisely.  

The Knitpicker

This client cannot work past perceived deficiencies, no matter how small and fixable, instead insisting on a complete redo. You will likely hear them say something like: "This will target adults 18-24 and 26-35, but what about the 25 year olds?"

The Ghost

We need to know if the client hates green before we design a digital presence complete with logo and print branding centered on a beautiful forest green color scheme. Answer the phone Sheryl. 

The Crowd Sourcer

We've done the research so our clients don't have to. Yay! Now leave Aunt Silvia alone, she has a protest to get to. 

The Never Ending Story 

Goodbye's are hard. We're a lot of fun to work with, we know. But at some point if you love us, you have to set us free. 

Are you the perfect client? Then we want you!