dosentRX: healed by a rebrand

Dosentrx (formerly DoseCentRx) needed an innovative, relevant rebrand to fit their cutting-edge products. Their main product is the anti-overdose, tamper proof, inventive pill dispenser, with an accompanying tracking system to ensure proper adherence to a doctor's prescribed treatment.

Public trust is paramount to any medical company's success. Clarity of purpose and use are equally necessary for a new and unique product in the medical industry. Establishing trust and product clarity required dbc to create an umbrella brand for Dosentrx's products. We created a brand that inspires confidence while retaining the spirit of a new idea. 


The original logo is on the left, our rebranded umbrella logo is on the right. The original color scheme used two colors that did not clarify that the company name is actually comprised of three words. The old logo only added confusion to an already puzzling name, thus making it unmemorable.  We solved this issue by adding a third color. The lack of clarity surrounding the name was also remedied through addition of a statement of purpose beneath the company name. 


The digital presence we created centered on an active and modern design that appeals directly to the public as well as clinicians. The website features those who will benefit from the device, the everyday consumer. It's important, when establishing brand trust, to have a mental image of someone using and benefiting from the product. 

Another key aspect of the website design is the simplicity. The viewer is not overloaded with complex wording but instead is presented with the overarching brand values and goals as the main image, reflecting that the company is putting those values first.

As part of their rebranding we renamed their central product, from PCOA to Rex. This anthropomorphic name change shifts the mental image from intimidating and uncertain to something that sounds familiar and friendly.

If you have an innovative product lacking an appropriately exciting brand, dbc can help.