A patterned plan for success

Capturing a niche market 

Miranda White Studio aims to bring what has typically been a New York and California based industry to the less branded world of our nation's capital. As a result of this move, Miranda White is helping the D.C. real estate market with her staging services, which are an especially effective means of selling spaces.

Move-in Strategy

Foremost we admired the client’s pioneer spirit and wanted to reflect this in the print and digital presence we created. To that end we incorporated design elements that are unique to the staging profession. We also primed her business for future growth by creating a brand that is versatile.

The Right Fit

As a staging expert, we wanted to reflect her talents in her brand mark. As you can see the M and W of the logo create a unique symbol that utilizes the space within each character. Through repetition of this M/W motif, we created a brand pattern that she can use in both print and digital materials. 

We primed the business for future growth by creating a brand that is versatile.

Use of patterns can be a key brand asset. Patterns create a sense of consistency, which can be used in small scale or large scale. We felt that a pattern was particularly appropriate for this client because her business revolves around design, imagination, and compilation. 

A Fresh Start 

To emphasize Miranda’s exceptional entry into the D.C. market, we chose to use nontraditional colors. Stagers normally use black in their branding, so our use of blue and red help differentiate her from other staging companies. In addition, these colors are commonly used in marketing to signal something that is exciting and invigorating.

A good investment

Miranda White Studio now has a brand mark and digital presence that reflect the elegance and professionalism of her work. We were happy to bring her a strategy that fit her niche market well and emphasized her fearlessness. If you'd like to see more of her work you can visit her website.