The Importance Of Data Visualization

You've heard the term before, you think you've delved into the work, but you're not sold on the importance of it. Let's start by defining what data visualization is:

Data visualization is the presentation of information in a visual form.

Hopefully that rings a bell. Data visualization is key to quickly understanding important information, as well as communicating them to your audiences. This presentation method is becoming increasingly important in today's world; here's why:

  • Visual information means higher retention rate. Our minds are more inclined to retain visual information than textual or numerical data. Every human being started learning through visuals - colors, shapes, movement, etc. Thus, it is natural for our brains to focus our attention on the visuals in a presentation first.
  • It's easy to identify key takeaways. As work days get packed and everybody is running to catch up to its fast pace, there's not a lot of time to read through bulky information. Data visualization allows your audience to quickly identify information that is most important.
  • Visual presentation allows for pattern recognition. With information presented more visually or graphically, it allows you and your audience to recognize patterns. Presenting data with trends helps streamline prospective business and internal initiatives. 
  • In a digital world, simplicity is key. Data visualization represents simplicity. There is no place for complexity in the digital world we live in, and the more simple the data is, the better it is received by your audience.

Not only are you informing your audience of the key facts, your data tells a story - a story people remember.