understanding your organization's anatomy to increase sales

As a business owner or Head of Marketing, one of your most important goals is to increase lead conversion rates. In order to truly achieve that goal, it's integral to dissect your brand and understand how each aspect operates. Having a holistic view of your company can put you in a better position to strategize how to increase sales.

Your organization is much like a person, and your brand is your organization's personality. People often think that once a brand has been established, it can never change. What's interesting is that brands, just like our personalities, are agile. Our personalities are constantly changing, and the same goes for brands. 

The beliefs and core values a person holds is what makes him or her unique. The reason for a person's existence revolves around what he or she believes is important, and how they can contribute to the world. Similarly, your brand's core values are what make your organization function. The clearer your brand mission is, the more apparent it will be to your audience.

Your brand's external look is much like a person's sense of fashion. The clothes your brand wears on its back will steer your audience to form judgments about your organization; you'll want to make sure those judgments lead them to buy!

Your marketing channels are just as important as your core values and branding. How do you know when someone is passionate about a cause? You hear them talk about it. The words and actions your brand says and performs through marketing educate your audience on who you are, your strengths, and how you can add value to the world.

Understanding these key parts of your brand's personality can position you to assess how your audience perceives your organization, where you can make improvements and hit their pain points. It'll help you develop a refined approach to converting more leads into sales based on those insights.

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