What Do Consumers Value In A Good Brand?

As a business owner, you may find yourself asking: "What do my consumers think of my brand? Is it living up to their needs?" It can be difficult to accommodate ALL the needs of your consumers in a single brand identity, however these 5 factors are key in increasing your brand's value:

1. Distinction. Your consumers want to know what's unique about your brand. They want to be able to justify why they are going with your brand instead of your competitors. For this, it's important to highlight your unique selling point within your brand identity and in your brand positioning. 

2. Understanding of audience. Showing your audience that you understand their needs and are making them a priority is a principle your brand should apply. Clients like to see that you are constantly making an effort to get to know what they want, and implement any developments that will increase their satisfaction with your products and services.

3. Innovation. Constantly innovating new products or marketing strategies will keep your consumers on their toes. Everybody likes a little excitement - why don't you give your audience something to be excited about, too?

4. Consistency. While being distinct and innovative is important, it's just as integral to remain consistent with your brand identity. Consumers like to rely on specific companies to fulfill specific needs, thus maintain consistency when communicating what needs you can satisfy.

5. Reliability. Show your clients that you will keep your word and always deliver. In order to build and maintain great, long-lasting relationships with your consumers, they have to be able to see they can trust you first.

Constantly check in with your brand to see if your brand upholds these core values.