Prepping Kidzy for launch

Kidzy was founded to heal the pain of finding the ‘right’ guidance for parents, grandparents and caretakers of newborns. While there are countless books, classes, and blogs that claim to teach how to be “perfect parents,” all too many of them are dated, time-consuming, expensive, condescending, and sometimes flat-out wrong.

dbc was tasked with a simple mission.

Having worked with Kendall previously, we knew we would get direct and objective feedback. We stuck to the plan. Modern parents deserve something better: accurate, practical information they can efficiently access, learn from, and revisit on their own time.

What this meant for us was simple. No pastels, no “baby-talk” – just the important things.

A great case for negative space

We ruled out a brand mark pretty early in the process. Kidzy would mostly exist in digital form, and required building brand awareness to the "household name" level to maximize its potential. A handlettered wordmark proved to be the most effective way of accomplishing our goals. 

Take a closer look. Did you notice two effective uses of negative space? First, and more obviously, we "hid" a play symbol in the y. A nod to the video based platform Kidzy creates, this use of negative space tested as not obvious, but viewers were pleasantly surprised when they discovered it.

Secondly, the wordmark is broken into two distinct pieces by a small gap. This is purposely designed to highlight that Kidzy focuses on children (not goats). Once we chose to forego a brandmark, we knew that we needed a visual cue to point a new or potential subscriber to the company's mission.

The road ahead

Kidzy was created to fill a void. It’s babycare 101 for modern, busy parents, grandparents and other caregivers. All training is delivered through short videos, accessed online, and focused on the critical facts to keep your baby healthy and thriving. We base our content on the most up-to-date pediatric research, so you can care for your little one with confidence.