Why A Quiet Week Is The Best Time To Focus On Your Brand

If you're not relaxing on a beach somewhere, you've probably noticed that things have slowed down in the office this month - particularly this week. Even though the week before Labor Day Weekend may be slow on the business end, it's the best week to focus on your brand. Here's why:

You've got the time! On a quiet week, you've got nothing pressing to deliver to clients or partners. We usually prioritize the needs of our clients before those of our own; we often forget to take a look internally. Similar to taking a mental health day to check in with our minds and bodies, it is imperative to carve out time to assess the position of your brand.

Once you assess your brand, you can strategize and execute a plan to improve the lows you've identified. This is also the best time to be creative! You can sit down and think about how to keep your clients on the edge of their seats. It could be with a new product or service, or an interactive marketing campaign. It might even mean reevaluating your brand positioning. 

Reflecting and working on your brand this week will give your company a fresh start next week. Things get busy after everyone returns from vacation, and you want to be the company that stands out from the rest by delivering your services seamlessly.

Make the most of the slow days. Working on your own brand is just as important as all the other work you have to do. It's the quiet days that allow you to develop and grow. Let's call this: Brand Rejuvenation.