Is Now the Right Time to Rebrand?

There are a number of factors that can lead a company or nonprofit to decide it's time to switch up their branding. Perhaps your organization's name or logo design are starting to feel outdated. Maybe your company is going through major structural changes, or has taken on a new CEO. A rebrand isn't something a company should take lightly; it's a decision that should be considered carefully and only pursued under the right circumstances. We've created the following flow chart to help you figure out if a rebrand is the best course of action for your organization.

Where did these questions lead you? If rebranding is the option to pursue, we'd love to be your brand partners. You can reach out here.

If little more time and planning is necessary, we have the perfect guide for you. It's called The Rebrand Plan and it's available for free! This workbook will lead you (and your team) through all the pre rebrand stages, ensuring you have a foundation in which to enter the complex journey of rebranding.